DORA regulation implementation tool

Automate risk analysis and develop risk management plans in line with the DORA – Digital Operational Resilience Act.

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What do you get with RIG DORA?


Achieve greater effectiveness in your risk management and implement DORA requirements on time. Automation will let you save at least 300 hours a year of manual work on the many steps needed to reliably assess risk. We measured it.

Ask the system to do the following for you: to estimate the probability of a risk or to assess the consequences for information security.


Coordinate the work of different specialists. Don’t allow risk management data to be scattered across your organization in different teams and documents.

Get both an archive and a risk management platform in one place. Get mapping and analysis results in the cockpit in the system. Manage your risk management plans in the tool.


Have confidence in your organization’s security, accountability to financial regulatory authorities and your own due diligence. Use a register of processes (RP) that brings them together in one place and meets the requirements of the DORA Regulation.

Refer to asset records, security records or the assessment of their effectiveness when asked by your auditors in line with ISO27001.

Why work with us?

You have little time left to implement the complex DORA Regulation.

Automation can save you hundreds of hours of working time. Simply estimating the probability of risks on 100 assets is 35 hours of work – which you can reduce to 2–3 hours. And this is just one example. You also get guaranteed regular support from our methodological and legal team. Our consultants’ daily bread is to help enhance risk management in large financial institutions, such as banks.

You get 2 hours of professional advice per month and access to technical ‘how to’ video tutorials as part of your RIG DORA software subscription.

New threats and new legal requirements are emerging. It is difficult to keep up with changes in cybersecurity.

You get ongoing access to knowledge and assistance in expanding your own cybersecurity competence.

Our regular webinars provide short and to-the-point overview of key risks and current legal developments.

You do not have enough time for regular team training.

You have ongoing access to training sessions on justifying grounds, drawing up procedures and using the tool – for every employee, regardless of team size, as part of your organization’s subscription.

You get a new training session for all users once a month, while recordings of those completed are constantly available – so knowledge does not disappear with staff turnover.