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The RIG DORA tool was developed by a team of experts in IT, cybersecurity, law and risk analysis methodologies.

One team, many competences

Mikołaj Otmianowski


A guiding spirit and developer of legaltech solutions – RIG DORA is his next tool after RIG GDPR.

Mikołaj’s contribution to the development the RIG DORA software included translating the DORA Regulation into practical application and combining it with other EU and Polish laws.

His mission is to make sure that, as the person in charge of your organization’s security, you know everything about the processes, assets, safeguards and vulnerabilities you are managing. That is why he has taken on software that makes it possible to manage risk systemically using just one tool.

Mikołaj Otmianowski, RIG DORA
Tomasz Pieszczurykow, RIG DORA

Tomasz Pieszczurykow

IT & Cybersecurity

Co-developer of the RIG DORA app. He is responsible for developing the app and effectively supporting you in its use. As a practitioner, he carries out IT audits and risk analyses; he also assists our company’s key clients with technology-related issues.

Tomasz headed the IT team at Edenred, a leading company in the non-wage instruments and incentives sector, where he implemented Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets among other projects. He also managed implementation projects, including systems from the SAP family, and a number of optimization and production projects at Orange Poland. For a number of years, he worked for the prestigious Supply Chain Centre of Excellence at Orange’s Paris headquarters, where he set up an experience exchange forum for supply chain managers from the group’s European companies.

Marcin Błoński


An expert in risk analysis and data protection impact assessment (DPIA) projects for businesses from various industries, in particular IT and finance.

Marcin carries out DORA and GDPR compliance audits for data processing processes and supports our clients in data breach investigations.

He also helps develop products in line with the Privacy by Design approach.

Marcin Błoński, RIG DORA

Piotr Sojka

Risk analysis

Piotr has been involved in personal data protection for over twenty years, with a particular interest in data security organization, protection against manipulation, and the development and administration of Information Security Management Systems.

Piotr is passionate about analysing risks in organizations and drawing up measures to reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events. He is a member of the National Association for the Protection of Classified Information and the Association of Data Protection Officers (SABI).

Przemysław Przydatek

Information security

Przemysław is an information security expert with 13 years of experience in the industry. He detects security vulnerabilities in IT systems.

Together with his team, he currently works for large and medium-sized businesses, helping them to make the most of their data security policies. Przemysław provides consultancy services and supports companies in safeguarding large volumes of data.

Przemysław Przydatek, RIG DORA

What does working with us look like?

When you register using the form, we will ask you about your needs in terms of DORA implementation.

At the Product Demo meeting, you will get to know the product and find out the answers to your questions.

You will receive an offer with your questions answered.

Once you accept the offer, you will receive a contract as per the price list.

After signing the contract, you will get an email with instructions for logging in and setting up your account.

You will learn the basics of describing your organization in the tool during an online training session.

If you have questions about methodologies, strategies, legal matters or any other topics, you get 2 hours a month with an advisor who will help you plan your preparation for DORA implementation in the tool.

As you go through the stages of risk assessment and subsequent risk management, you sign up for further training.

If you have further questions about methodologies, strategies, legal matters or any other topics, you sign up for another 2 hours of consultation per month.

Why work with us?

You have little time left to implement the complex DORA Regulation.

Automation can save you hundreds of hours of working time. Simply estimating the probability of risks on 100 assets is 35 hours of work – which you can reduce to 2–3 hours. And this is just one example. You also get guaranteed regular support from our methodological and legal team. Our consultants’ daily bread is to help enhance risk management in large financial institutions, such as banks.

You get 2 hours of professional advice per month and access to technical ‘how to’ video tutorials as part of your RIG DORA software subscription.

New threats and new legal requirements are emerging. It is difficult to keep up with changes in cybersecurity.

You get ongoing access to knowledge and assistance in expanding your own cybersecurity competence.

Our regular webinars provide short and to-the-point overview of key risks and current legal developments.

You do not have enough time for regular team training.

You have ongoing access to training sessions on justifying grounds, drawing up procedures and using the tool – for every employee, regardless of team size, as part of your organization’s subscription.

You get a new training session for all users once a month, while recordings of those completed are constantly available – so knowledge does not disappear with staff turnover.

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Who trusted us?

Nasi Klienci to instytucje finansowe,
które przygotowują się do wdrożenia DORA.

DAPR wspiera proces analizy ryzyka swoim autorskim rozwiązaniem tj. aplikacją RIG. Dzięki temu otrzymaliśmy końcowy raport analizy ryzyka oraz możemy samodzielnie kontynuować proces zarządzania ryzykiem w naszej organizacji realizując określone plany postępowania.

Aplikacja RIG DORA daje nam system na archiwizację w jednym miejscu wszystkich analiz i ocen ryzyka, bezpieczeństwa informacji oraz ciągłości działania, zgodnie z rekomendacjami KNF. W narzędziu możemy śledzić zmiany w procesach, tworzyć różne warianty postępowania. Pomaga nam systemowo zarządzać ryzykiem, zgodnie z normami zarządzania BI – ISO 27001 i ISO22301. Dodatkowo każdy z zespołu może obsłużyć narzędzie i szkolić się w prowadzeniu analiz.


We work with providers of tools for breach reporting, crisis management and protecting companies against cyberattacks. These are the end-stage solutions in the risk management process. Throughout our collaboration, you can count on our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.