Systemic risk management in line with DORA

Manage risk at a glance. The system will guide you step by step to ultimately give you a complete assessment of the risks on all company assets. Analysis will no longer be scattered across different people and departments. You gain a holistic, multidimensional view of risk.

RIG DORA step by step

Describe the organization

Gather the information about your organization in one place – a system of dictionaries, registers and correlations among components will make your inventory easier. You can choose which information you need first.

Assess the risk

Automatically assess the level of impact of your safeguards on risk in your selected data, stakeholder or product and service contexts. The system will combine information for individual supporting assets. It will take into account the entire range of their safeguards and all risk vulnerabilities.


View assessment results, from the general to the specific, in the analytics module. You can use predefined views, expand them or create your own. The app will help you optimize risk. You can also create automated action plans. The system will allow you not only to organize them, but also to simulate the response.

RIG DORA features

Explore your organization’s cybersecurity information in a single tool with dozens of features. Here’s a list of key features for implementing DORA.

Register of contracts, procedures and subcontractors

Keep the full collection of your risk data in one place – including all your ICT providers with surveys in one archive. Maintain a register of incidents along with their assessment.

Correlation maps

Discover correlations between supporting assets, vulnerabilities, processes, threats, safeguards, products and services – everything that affects the level of risk in your organization. Manage the correlations by selecting their different configurations.

Analytics in the built-in Business Intelligence module

Build your own summaries or use the built-in ones, and export results. Generate reports for the executive team, supervisory authorities, clients or for internal audits.

Automatic risk assessment

Assess risk in an automated way, across all dimensions. Examine risk in convenient terms – processes, vulnerabilities, products and other useful cross-sections.

Risk management plans

Define your plans. Check their impact on the level of risk in your organization and then implement them. Demonstrate due diligence to supervisory authorities by showing them your plans.

Intuitive navigation

Navigate the app using the menu, map or search engine. When working with data, use Excel-like filtering and handle multiple records at the same time.