Visualize risks measured by a single scale methodology

Oversee risk management across your financial institution before the DORA requirements come into force.

What might you face as head of the Compliance Department?

If you find yourself in any of these situations in your work, you have come to the right place.


Scattered information

Risk analysis is scattered across different people and departments. That’s why your data is inconsistent and lacks the holistic, multidimensional picture of risk that needs to be comprehensively presented to financial regulatory authorities.


Different approaches to risk assessment

Not having a single risk assessment methodology means that different departments have separately set priorities towards risk mitigation.


No up-to-date knowledge

With so many changes in procedures and safeguards, you find it difficult to assess risks effectively without up-to-date knowledge. What is more, gearing up for audits takes you ages, and there is never a time when you are ready for it in every area of risk management.


No simulation of the impact of policies on the security situation

You lack information about how a policy will affect your institution as a whole, so creating a risk management structure is itself fraught with the risk that the policy will not be implemented in practice.


Complicated processes

The risk management processes are so highly complex and cover so many areas that you are unable to assess the security situation without a tool.


No time for regular team training

Training is part of enhancing control. Choosing the right training sessions for your team is time-consuming.


Little time to implement DORA

You have little time to implement the complex DORA Regulation in your organization while managing the risks against all the above challenges.

What can RIG DORA
do for Compliance Departments?

  • Enforcement

    You can easily enforce robust risk management because you have all the knowledge of the risk level assessment method and all the documents needed for it in one place. You can also access at a glance all the ISO methodological justifications, an archive of analyses and documents, as well as the information about the assets, safeguards and processes you control as a compliance officer.

  • Communication of key risks

    You can easily present and communicate key risks and appropriate mitigating actions to the executive team or other stakeholders because you have a clear, complete and always up-to-date view of risks, measured against a single scale. The data is visualised in a colour-coded table, so you can see the incidence of risks against each of your organization’s assets identified at the outset.

  • Current safety assessment

    You have all you need to know at your fingertips. You can instantly assess the security situation and simulate the ‘what ifs’ at every step of preparing for audits. Your decisions and further steps to improve security are based on hard data. The tool has features such as automated analytical reports and risk management plans.

  • Data-driven security policy

    Creating a risk management structure is simple and quick and, above all, based on complete data. You can simulate the ‘what ifs’ at each step of your organization’s security policy changes. You can work on automated risk management plans that show the many dimensions of risk, both in terms of processes and assets.

  • Systemic risk management

    You are guided through systemic risk management at a glance. The software leads you step by step to ultimately give you a complete risk assessment on all company assets. You have an overview of a document archive, analyses and risk management plans – all in one place.

  • Quick creation of recommendations

    You get help in creating recommendations and in setting control priorities. The product generates automated risk management plans for selected areas in various scenarios.

  • Systematic training

    You have ongoing access to training sessions on justifying grounds, drawing up procedures and using the tool – for every employee. Knowledge does not disappear with staff turnover because a new training session is held once a month for all users, while recordings of completed training sessions are constantly available. What is more, the licence you get for your organization is for an unlimited number of users and gives you control over their rights.

  • Expert support

    You get regular support from our methodological and legal team that has experience in cybersecurity and whose daily bread is to help enhance risk management in large financial institutions, such as banks. You get 2 hours of professional advice per month and, as our client, you have access to technical ‘how to’ video tutorials.

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